How to Select the Right Bohemian Glass Items for Gift Giving

Bohemian glassGifts that can be used in a home are ideal. Bohemian Glass is no more fragile than any other glass household item. These do require a bit of special care since the glass is coloured, in most cases, and can scratch easily. Selecting the right piece to give as a gift is not an easy task. This is because of the variety of shapes, colours and items available along with the individual taste of the receiver.

How and where is it Made?
Bohemian glass is very similar to Bohemian crystal. The main difference is that the glass does not contain any led. Most items are created in a hand blowing and shaping procedure to ensure that each piece is a precise thickness and to ensure that each piece matches in colour and design.
Most Bohemian glass is still made in the Czech Republic, specifically the areas of Bohemia and Silesia. Factories are dedicated to producing these pieces in a timely fashion and within current design trends.

Choosing a Colour
When you choose a colour, consider what the overall theme in someone’s home is first. You do not want the items to clash with other pieces in the home. When in doubt, consider clear or white as ideal options. Items that have a few stripes of colour are often okay for any situation as it would be considered to be accent colours.

Choosing a Pattern
Bohemian glass is almost as unique as each individual on earth. The patterns are slightly imperfect on each piece to ensure that the items look handmade. One line may be slightly longer or shorter on one piece than another. This adds to the character of the piece. When purchasing items, always enquire to see if a specific design pattern has a certain meaning as many do. This will help your purchasing decision as you attempt to give someone a gift that means something and is usable around the home.

Picking out Individual Pieces
When you are looking for one specific Bohemian Glass piece, take your time. Finding the right size, shape, colour and design is not a quick and easy decision to make. As the buyer, you have to be able to see the items in a space and imagine what the different uses for the piece are. It is important to take the current décor in the home into consideration so that the item does not clash with another or appear to be out of place.

Selecting glass pieces to give as gifts seems like a daunting task for most. The fun of the hunt is what makes each gift and each piece more special. Some receivers may prefer to not display the item in high-traffic rooms of the home to prevent breaking it as it is a special, heartfelt gift. Try to remain subtle when purchasing a piece for someone else so that their tastes are kept in mind too. You want them to appreciate the gift, but also want the receiver to want to use it at the same time.